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♥Thx For View~

imeem right here

About Me.♥

3mily here~
sweet 15 for 2010~
a normal gul~
study in a "clever"skul...
wan know more about me??
left your msg at chatbox there!!
you also can link me and follow me..=)
thx and enjoy stay my blog..^_^

Wishlist .♥
Since 10 June,

♥ want that Love so much..
♥ want Freedom!!
♥ want Personally phone..
♥ want Camera
love Lg lollipop much much~
love My Family
love My Friends
love My self


Blah Blah Blah


Chain of love .♥

♥Kinki Qi
♥Xiao Min
♥Yen Shan

Credits .♥
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